What’s Your Concept?

Ever since I started having my design class in Architecture, I always hear this: “Hey, what’s your concept?” What really is a concept? What does it has to do with design and architecture? Well, I’ll be figuring out this mysterious mystery soon.

Of all the design class I have had – now I am on my fifth design class – every professor has his/her own definition of what a concept is. On my first design, concept is an idea on how you will make your design. We had plates like involving the nationality of those who will use the building/structure, making use of the characteristic of that nation to signify the structure. It’s like iconic.

My second design class was the class where I learned less. Yes, concept, was again, an idea, but it was not further explained how it shall be used in designing. We were designing houses back then, and how you arrange the spaces is very important. That, too, has a concept – only, I just learned it recently under my Tropical Architecture class.

On my third design class we focused more on spaces – from residential to offices. On this design, concept must be applied on the form, on how the structure will look like. But the problem on this class, was me – was not focused. I thought too low of myself that I couldn’t design properly. I lacked self-confidence and self-esteem.

It was only my fourth design class that I have learned to take pride on what I do. Our professor, Architect Daniel Dayan, inspired me and advised me to be proud of whatever I do, be it ugly or nice. If you know how to be proud of your work, no matter how ugly the drawing is, just explain it properly, and your concept is clear, that’s already good. For him, concept is not just on the form, but it is also on how you plan your spaces. Sir, if you will be able to read this blog post of mine, please be safe. πŸ™‚ I won’t let anyone push me back. πŸ™‚

Currently, I am in my fifth design class, and it is so frustrating. True, I know how I could arrange the spaces, but I couldn’t even think of the concept of form! How do I think of a concept for a health center? How do I think of a concept for a library? Our professor wants us to defy gravity! But I couldn’t be creative enough. Β I envy my classmates for taking so much pride in their work. Whenever I attend my class, I just feel frustrated. Thanks to this concept.

Well, I have realized two things:

1.) I cannot work on school. So, to save time and energy, I shall make my plates and concepts and plans at home. Then, in school, I’ll have my work checked. Then revise, and do it. Period. Finish what I have to finish. I shall not waste any time.

2.) I do not have self-confidence. I will pray to the Lord that he will give me the confidence I need, and I also need to help myself. πŸ™‚

OH, and another thing: It is very important to pray first before designing. As God to give you the serenity and wisdom to design what you have to design. πŸ™‚


Well, there, now I’ve got to think of my own concept. So that I will be able to answer anyone who asks me, “What’s your concept?”


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