How can unfair things be fair?

Last term, I had my design 5 subject and I failed it. We had 3 plates (SP), 2 esquisse, and 1 Final Plate. According to our professor, I failed because I didn’t pass any plate. The passing grade is 3 (tres). My grades are as follows:

SP 1 – 3.25
SP 2 – 3.25
SP 3 – 4.00

E 1 – 3.00
E 2 – 3.50

Final Plate – 3.50

He didn’t give any details as to how much percentage each plate or esquisse has. He only said that the Final Plate is 40% of the grade.

And according to him, I failed. But why is it that there were classmates of mine who passed when their grades in the SP ranges from 3.50 – 4.00? And their esquisse the same? Is it possible that their final plate made the magic? Or was our professor doing the magic? I just can’t understand the logic of how he grades us..

That is why I am calling anyone who is concerned – law student, architecture professors, education heads, etc. I demand answers on these unfair things that has been happening to me.

It’s really more fun in Mapua..


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