Why do I fall in love?

Why does my heart beats faster whenever you’re near?
Why do I lose track of time when I hear your voice?
Why does the thought of you leave, envelopes me with fear?
Why is it that my heart wants only you as its choice?

Why do I miss the touch of your skin against mine?
Why do I long for your warmth and your presence?
Why is it that when you’re with me, it feels oh so fine!
Why can’t I get you out of my senses?

Why does my heart beats fast when I recall your scent?
Why is it that every move I do reminds me of you?
Why do I concern myself with your every movement?
Why can’t I get enough of you?

These questions I kept asking in my head
Hoping I’d get the clue to this strange feeling
I wonder what you do as I lay here in my bed
Almost thinking only of you all evening.

Do I love you or do I not?
Why have I even fallen in love?
Do I love you or do I not?
Why did I fall in love?

I hear your voice as I am writing this
I feel your touch as I close my eyes
I imagine you here with me as I close my fist
And I think I am really in love with you, though it’s not wise..

Deeper and deeper I fell with every thought of you
How I long to be right beside you each day..
Yes, I know I love you and I know you love me too..
But why and how did I fall in love with you? I can’t say.

– March 20, 2014


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