Love Again <——–Press this Link for the story

<a href="; title="Love Again Love Again <——–Press this Link for the story

Hey everyone! I have released my newest story in Wattpad. 🙂 It is entitled “Love Again”. It is a story about to different people both hurt by and refuses love. It a story about learning to trust and love once again.

The setting of the story is in Amsterdam, few in the Philippines. Honestly it was inspired by my Pecha Kucha presentation on the city of Amsterdam and I thought that the beauty of Amsterdam can be translated into a story. At the moment I am writing the fourth chapter and I am hoping that I will able to finish it tonight. I am so excited in writing the rest of the story, but though it is my vacation, it is still super busy to write. And I admit it, sometimes I have a writers block. -___- But I am currently fighting it. 🙂 So help me God.

Here is the synopsis of the story:

Selena is a girl who has her heart broken. She just recently found out that his Father Ronaldo Reyes, one of the most famous architects in the Philippines has a mistress and a daughter. And the “other daughter” is none other than Louisa, whom she knows for the past 18 years as her cousin. How could she not know? Louisa was closer to her father than she is. Her mother Sylvia knows all about it, but kept it from her. Of all people, she expected to know the truth from her mother. But she didn’t learn about it until she caught them, her father and his mistress, Gretchen. At that time, she lost control. Just kill me now, will you?
And that was when she decided to leave the Philippines. She needs time to heal and time to think. As a matter of fact, she badly needs a vacation. That’s when she decided to go to Amsterdam, where she know she can unwind, breathe, and forget all that has happened for the past week. She just needs a break.

Derek Ashton, 28, is in Amsterdam to heal. It has been a year since his fiancée died in a car crash. For the past year, he had forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, and how to love. It had been hell; he fought his loneliness by working until his body couldn’t make it anymore. It was his fiancée’s mother who encouraged him to go to Amsterdam – where they had first met – to find love. But it is not love that he wants. He wanted to paint the places where he and Sophia shared their love. He is still not over her.

Two different people
Loved and hurt
Longs to heal

Will they find it in their hearts to give love a try? Will they believe in the magic of love once more?


I’m hoping you will spend sometime to read my story. I am very much determined to finish this before my vacation ends – which will be on the last week of April. Please tell me what you think about it. 🙂


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