Counting Tweets!

Cover 2

Hey! I am writing a new story. Actually I wrote the first draft 5 months ago and it is only now that I have continued writing it. My first concept of the story is for Ms. Know-It-All and Mr. Tweet-A-Lot to meet in such a “lovely” encounter. It will not be too deep, just something fun to write about. The characters are in their last year of high school. I actually want it to be very humorous than romantic for it not to be too boring. I’m not saying that romance are boring. I am actually a fan of romance novels.

So is it entitled “Counting Tweets”? Well, at that moment, I like the song “Counting Stars” by One Republic and since it is a story about Mr. Tweet-A-Lot I decided to have that as the title. There’s nothing too deep in the title too. Anyway, I hope you will take time to read my story. I really am very happy when someone reads my story. 🙂

Here’s the link! COUNTING TWEETS


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