There’s this story I want to write.

I have always love reading stories – from book novels to wattpad stories. I have admired quite a few writers in wattpad actually for their exemplary writing skills. And I honestly want to be just like them. I want to write. But I am too afraid. I am too scared of writing because I don’t know where to put the story – the setting of the story. I am caught in the middle in writing in English or writing in my mother tongue, Filipino. For some reason, I want to write a story in English with its setting in the Philippines. I want to create a beautiful Philippines in my stories, but I can’t seem to do that. I couldn’t seem to create this place where I want my characters to exist.

I really don’t know what hinders me. And I hate it when I am like this.

There’s this story that I want to write, a short story of about five chapters. it is not a deep story, instead it will be a very light one. It will revlove about a girl who has a special day in every week. It is only this one day that she gets to see this boy that she really really likes. Every Saturday, she attends a music class which she shares with him. This music class is outside their school. It has about 30 students and teaches about musical theories and how to write songs. The class last for two hours.

YES. The settings will be in the Philippines. The school is called Moderne Mozart and it has a very classy yet minimalist design. Located in a busy district in Makati.The school is very sophisticated. Most of the students studying here are rich, but it offers scholarship. It has different curriculums depending on which track in music one wants to pursue. In Nicole’s case (Nicole is the name of the protagonist), she is not studying a full curriculum. She just wants a few lessons to give her song-writing skills a kick. She is originally an Interior Designer student at the Philippine Institute of Interior Design. She has a thing for both the arts and music. Nicole lives in Serendra II. She owns a unit there. Her parents are both architects and musicians.

Their classroom is like a work shop room – no conventional arm chairs or long tables with individual chairs. Instead the floor is completely carpeted where the students can sit anywhere. There are a few two-seater sofa, too. It has It is quite spacious with all kinds of instruments beautifully scattered around. There is a small platform where the professor can conduct his study and for small performances. The room is naturally lighted because one of its four walls is a curtain wall. What is amazing is that even if it has a glass curtain wall, its acoustics is very good. Inside the room is a small recording studio. This recording studio is also used during digital music classes which is every twice a week. While there is someone recording, the class will be able to watch. This is a good exercise for confidence which every student of the class must have.

So she takes this class on Saturdays and shares it with a boy named Alex whom she admires most ardently. She do not know much about the boy that she knows that Alex plays the guitar, piano, violin, and drums so well that he can already become a very successful musician. She always sit a little bit far from him but far enough for her to see him. He is always with his barkada (friends whom he always stays with). She knows them too – Luis and Richard. The trio can almost start a boy band – a cool boyband with cool members and who can write their own songs.

How will the story take place? Whose POV will it be written? What will be the climax of the story? How will it even started? I just know that I want an open ending – a very happy one. So figured I will continue writing tonight until chapter three.


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