The Church Gets Sex Wrong

Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?

I worked with high school and middle school students directly for about 13 years! In those 13 years, I led the well known series, “True Love Waits.” The premise of this series is if you truly love your future partner, you won’t have sex until marriage. Obviously what I am doing is something similar–but over the years I realized how I may have hurt or misled some students.

For example, in one of my illustrations I had the lights brought down, soft guitar music in the background, and a rose. I said something like “everyone of you are represented as this rose. You’re pure, untainted! But every time you have sex, you lose a petal.” Then I continued down that road until there were no more petals left. I explained to the students that they would not want to show up on their wedding day without a rose.

I had…

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