Why are people so quick to judge?


I am a fan of Jamich, but I am not one of those who are so engrossed at the love team. I am not always updated nor do I always watch their short film. The first short film of Jamich I have watched was the picture above. I can’t remember the title, but I remember the story and the name of the girl, Janine. I silently hoped that Jamich would have the same happy ending of the roles they portrayed in the short film. But sadly, Jam passed away leaving Mich. I did not involve myself too much in Jam’s condition because I don’t want to cry. I hate it when people pass away. I hate it when they leave especially those who mean the world to you. I couldn’t believe how Mich did it. I don’t have the courage that she has to face something like that. Because if I were in her shoes, I’d be crying day and night. I’d become crazy. But she has to be strong. 

Right now, she is facing a lot of things – not only the death of her ex-fiancée but also the allegations on her rumored relationship with a guy, and the accusation of Jam’s mother. To add to these things are how people judged her without even fully knowing her. Why are people so quick at judging other people based on false rumors? I have nothing against Jam’s mother, but I think she is what she accused Mich to be. Why disclose such private things to the public if she cares not of what Mich is doing? From what I have observed, the Mother doesn’t or maybe never liked Mich for Jam. 

I feel Mich’s pain of her loss. Imagine losing the love of your life, the one you’ll be married to, the person you want to grow old with, the person that you woke up to everyday. Imagining it already causes me pain, much more experiencing it.  Let’s not judge, people. Understand the situation first before saying anything. As the saying goes, if you nothing good to say, shut your mouth.

To Mich, I sympathize with you. I’m sure can surpass whatever it is that you are going through. God bless.


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