Intellectuals with Integrity

I was searching the internet for current events and issues regarding Commercial Radio Operators (Department Order No. 5 Series of 1948) to help my boyfriend in his homework. It is an ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) topic and very far from what I am practicing, but I decided to help him so he can focus on his thesis.

I thought it was easy, but it was a rather difficult job. I didn’t know where to search articles that are relevant to the said law. I tried Google News, and I found out about HAM Radio and the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) enthusiasts, who makes communication during disasters easy – or so I have read, but clearly, I have no idea. Then I opted to search news websites. And so I visited thinking that I will be able to find at least one article. I typed the key words “radio telegraph operator” and was astonished to find an article about the late president Ferdinand Marcos. The article is his 1970 State of the Nations Address (SONA) and it was very long!

So, I sidetracked for a bit. I though to myself, “Could Marcos really have memorized all this?” I searched about it in google, thinking that maybe there is a video of the actual SONA, but all I found was a 14 second video of his 1970 Constitutional Convention speech. And then I went from video to video about his son, Senator Bongbong Marcos and himself – mostly about interviews and speeches. I am not going to deny that though I did not experience the Marcos Regime, I still think Marcos remains still the best president the Philippines has ever had.

Then I found this video called, Marcos Truth. Judging from the resolution of the video, it seemed to be old, but the picture of late president GMA, made me think that it might not be. Maybe it was made some 8-10 years ago. Nevertheless, it was not the quality of the video that has caught my attention; it was the content. I was teary-eyed watching the video, thinking, “How could the Filipinos sent him in exile, when all he meant for the Philippines was good?” Everything that we are enjoying right now – from roads, hospitals, the LRTs and MRTs, to convention centers – were all constructed during his regime.

And we need men like him. Not only in politics, but in every other field as well. What the Philippines need are intellectuals with integrity.


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